Bikers Rally at the Florida Capitol

They don’t support mandatory training courses before you can get a motorcycle license. The president of the Florida chapter of ABATE says it’s not that the bikers don’t support training. They just don’t support a system that charges wildly varying fees of as much as $350 at training sites that can’t handle the thousands of new bikers every year.

James "Doc" Reichenbach with ABATE Florida says, “They’re trying to legislate us off motorcycles, and make no mistake about it, it’s a tax. You’re trying to tax me to ride a motorcycle. Why should we be taxed? Are you taxed to drive your car? Are you required when you come here from another state or even when you’re 21 to go take any type of course to drive a car? There are more deaths in cars than there are on motorcycles and you guys are killing us with your cars.”

Bikers are also opposing any attempt to reinstate a helmet law. Last year was the most deadly year for motorcyclists in Florida with more than 400 deaths. That’s up 81 percent since Florida repealed its helmet law.