Immigration Rally in Quincy

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The immigration battle is sparking a protest in Quincy. More than 1,000 people with signs and bullhorns were calling for the legalization of the millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. They're also calling for a life without constant fear.

That's how Miguel and Julita of Gadsden County describe the sentiment of an undocumented immigrant. They say most immigrants just want to work freely and live the American dream legally.

Miguel and Julita say, "What we're asking for is at least a working permit."

Carlos Rodriguez knows that fear. He felt it 23 years ago when he came into this country as an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Carlos says, "You're under that watchful, uneasy feeling all the time."

The laws have changed since then and he's been able to get the legal documents, a right he demands for all immigrants.

Carlos Rodriguez adds, "This is a country of immigrants; everybody has come in here, we all come from different areas and at one point or another, all we're asking to do is give us opportunity."

Carlos, Julita and Miguel are joining the hundreds of thousands of people across the country calling for immigration reform, their protest at home in Gadsden County.

Evelia Menjivar with United Farm Workers of America says, "There's a lot of people over here that are undocumented that need to become legal so they can be free so their fears can go away."

And if they're not heard this time, Menjivar says the fight will not be over.

"Next year we're just going to start over again and scream louder than we're doing now."

We tried to find out how many illegal immigrants live in the north Florida, south Georgia area. It's a number Evelia Menjivar says is hard to estimate, but even if it's just two or three, she says that's enough to give them a voice.