Millpond Dam Leak

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Water seeping through the Millpond Dam has flooded city engineers with worries of a potential disaster.

City engineer Von Shipman says, "We don't want to see this structure fail and release this body of water, which is approximately 30 million gallons of water."

Monday, city officials noticed water leaking from the dam and they immediately began evaluating the situation.

Shipman says, "It's a serious situation, but we're cautiously optimistic in what we're doing is adequate and we're going to, again, bring in some experts to help evaluate the situation."

Five years ago, water seeped underneath the concrete of the dam causing it to leak just like it is now. When the city fixed the dam that time, it was only meant to be a temporary fix, and now here we are again.

City engineers worry about the 20,000 cars that travel up and down Jerry Jones each and everyday. They fear if the dam is not fixed completely it will jeopardize traffic in and around the area.

City engineers have hired experts to come and take a look at the leak, but until the city gets the funds needed to completely rebuild the dam, another temporary fix will have to do.

Shipman says, "We're going to have to live with this situation and make the best of it until a permanent fix can be made."

With the help of the federal government and the state, city engineers say they hope to be able to rebuild the Millpond Dam in the next year or so.

City officials say they are keeping an eye on the dam, and as of right now there is no eminent danger of the dam completely failing.