Pending War Affects Military Town

The impending war in Iraq hits especially close to home for folks in Valdosta, home of Moody Air Force Base.

More than 1,000 airmen have been deployed from the base, and people left behind feel confident in the success of the mission.

Moody Air Force base is the Valdosta’s largest employer, meaning most people around here will be personally affected by any conflict. And folks around here agree with President Bush, saying it's time to take action in Iraq.

Even though the thought of war is not pleasant, locals say it's better to take care of a problem before it gets too big.

Some college students have spoken out against the war, but others think students will support the conflict, as long as American causalities are kept extremely low.

Linda Panousis owns a pizza shop across from the base, and she says the airmen are just ready to get the job done in Iraq.

There have been local anti-war protests, but most people around Valdosta say they are just ready for the conflict to be over, so friends and family can return home.

Several of the people say they're not fearful for their "own" safety, because the Air Force is prepared to protect Moody Air Force Base, and the communities surrounding it.