America's Water Watch

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If a terrorist tried to come ashore, the U.S. Coast Guard is Florida's first line of defense.

Since 9/11 the Guard reports an increased threat of an attack on our shore, so it's requesting the assistance of America's 70 million boaters.

Bryan Green, a boater, says, "Boaters look out for each other. If you see other boaters breaking down or breaking the rules or whatever, we kind of keep each other informed of what's going on."

The program is called America's Waterway Watch, or AWW.

The U.S. encompasses 95,000 miles of shoreline, and the Coast Guard admits it cannot be everywhere at once, so it's asking boaters to be the eyes and ears on the lookout for suspicious activity.

With 70 miles of coastline and the nearest Coast Guard station in Carrabelle, they really depend on the eyes and the ears of these boaters.

The Department of Homeland Security is putting its money where its mouth is, donating a new boat to the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

CAPT Cliff Carroll says, "We're in the process right now, I believe it's a 29-foot boat that they're wanting to donate to our department."

Extra patrols on the waterway will make our shores safer for U.S. residents.