Grant Helps Make Sewage Improvements

A stinky situation in one of our rural communities will soon see improvements.

Thanks to a $700,000 grant from the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the city of Live Oak will be able to construct a new sewage treatment facility. This will improve the quality of affluent from the wastewater treatment stream.

Robert Farley, City Administrator, says, "This quality will actually affect the discharge of pollutants into the groundwater, thereby reducing the impact on the citizens of Live Oak."

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection ordered the city to upgrade its trickling filter system that dates back to the 1940's. The small cities community development block grant will help pay for that.

Mayor Sonny Nobles says, "We've probably received over $10 million in assistance from the Department of Community Affairs through the small cities projects. We're very, very fortunate, we need the money for the construction of our new sewer plant."

Robert Farley adds, "We will also eliminate the use of public drinking water for irrigation purposes and reduce that amount of water, thereby using the reuse system and allowing the city to conserve on its consumptive use for drinking water."

The new 1.25 million gallons a day facility will be built adjacent to the current one.

The new wastewater treatment facility will be the same size of the current one. Construction is slated for the end of this month.