Home Invasion Gone Wrong Leads To Charges In Valdosta

Travis Lamar Tony Bean
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Update: Valdosta Police Department
June 19, 2014

More charges have been filed in reference to the June 16th incident on Emory Street. Additional charges were filed against Travis Stewart to include 1 count of Aggravated Battery, 1 count of Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime, and 1 count of Misdemeanor False Report of a Crime. Stewart is still in SGMC, undergoing medical treatment.

Arrest warrants have also been signed on Tony Bean, African American male, 40 years of age, for 1 count of Burglary, 1 count of Party to the Crime of Aggravated Battery, and 2 counts of Party to the Crime of Aggravated Assault. Bean is currently in the Lowndes County Jail on unrelated charges.

The case is still under investigation and further charges could be pending.

Winnie Wright
June 17, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Police say they responded to a home on Emory Drive on Monday night, after a woman and her son were shot during a robbery. They told police her husband grabbed a weapon when he heard the commotion and fired at two black men multiple times as they tried to get away.

Chief Brian Childress says, while his officers were at this location, they got a call about another shooting nearby.

"We get a call to Oxford Drive. The 2300 block of Oxford Drive, which happens to be two streets over. When we get over there we find an individual, a male subject, African American, who had indicated to us that he had been shot several times from gun fire."

While they were at Oxford Drive, police say they got a call from Brooks County where a man said he also was shot multiple times.

Childress says he believes they have enough evidence to show that the two men, who reported being shot, are the suspects in not only Monday night's shooting, but potentially two other robberies in the area.

The Valdosta Police Department has charged 22 year-old Travis Stewart for Aggravated Assault and Burglary in connection with a home invasion gone wrong.

Stewart is still being treated at the hospital and has not been arrested.

The woman who was shot in the home invasion is still in the hospital. Her son has been released. The Chief says they are working with officials in Quitman to determine if that shooting is connected.

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