Diebold Offers Contract

The roller coaster ride started for Ion Sancho in December when he exposed a security flaw in the Diebold voting system, one he says is easily fixed and one the state eventually ordered all counties to address after a California voting panel supported Sancho's finds.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, says, "It has brought us to the point that we have vindicated the principle that election administrators have the right to independently examine voting equipment."

But as the Help America Vote Act deadline loomed, eventually passing, all three state certified companies refused to sell to Sancho and the county was forced to return 564,000 in grant dollars.

However, with the new contract offer, the county may once again see that money.

Commissioner Jane Sauls, District 2, said, “As we understand it, in the secretary of state's budget, there is money to reimburse Leon County the grant dollars that we lost, so we are looking into that."

But, what about IVS the phone based system Sancho has been pursuing? He said the company will continue seeking state certification.

Sancho said, "But with pressure from the state, it makes the county less likely to pursue the IVS option."

The pressure is another looming deadline set by the secretary of state.

Sauls said, "We're facing a May 1st deadline, and that's what's important to this commission, to be HAVA compliant."

The county commission will consider the Diebold contract on April 25.