Teen Report: Keeping It Safe on Prom Night

With all the temptations high schoolers will be facing these next few weekends with prom and graduation, many are not feeling the pressure.

Lindsey Llado, a senior at Lincoln High School, says, "I don't feel pressured. All my friends are pretty much the same. They don't pressure me to do anything and if we go to parties or anything no one pressures you to do anything you don't want to do."

But other students do not share the same control. Statistics show drinking and driving is a dangerously popular form of celebration this time of year.

After 35 years of teaching high school, Lincoln teacher Glenna Burnfin considers herself a prom veteran.

Glenna says, "There is a sense of celebration and liberation and a great feeling of exhilaration, and sometimes that leads to possibly making decisions of the moment."

Drinking and driving isn't only dangerous for the students, but for other drivers on the road as well.

Matt Frante, a senior, says, "There's obviously going to be a lot of drunk drivers. I'll personally probably go to a party or something. I'll definitely be safe though."

So why do teenagers feel the need to drink on prom and graduation?

Matt says, "Mainly to fit in. Some people I've talked to, they like the buzz."

Lindsey says, "Because they think it's cool or they want to be in the 'in-crowd' and they just like to do that."

However you choose to celebrate, it's important to stay responsible prom night. After all, there's nothing worse than an empty seat at graduation.

Experts say the best way to ensure your teenager's safety is to keep an open line of communication.