Eye Infection May Be Linked to Contact Solution

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Stephanie Williamson has been wearing glasses and contacts for more than 15 years. Just this week she got a real eye opener when she heard about a warning of a rare fungal infection that could lead to blindness.

"You lose your sight, you can't replace your eyes. Your eyes are irreplaceable. Once they're gone they're gone, and that's it. I have a mother-in-law who lost the sight in one of her eyes and, so I understand how it is to lose your sight in an eye and it’s not fun. It never comes back again."

The Centers for Disease Control is warning millions of contact lens wearers about the infection Fusarium. Already 109 people have contracted it.

"Usually there's pain involved in the eye, there's redness and a lot of irritation," said Optometrist Stan Peacock.

Health officials say the infection may be linked to Renu Moisture Loc Lens Care Solution. Optometrists like Peacock are pulling it off the shelves.

“Everyone should be aware of it and right now for the time being if you're using the product, probably change into a different product," he said. "You wanna be sure to wash and clean your hands properly when you're putting your lenses in or taking them out, just air on the side of caution."

That's exactly what Williamson says she's doing, just keeping a close eye on her sight. Of the 109 cases reported, eight patients had to undergo corneal transplants.

If you think you may have contracted the infection, contact your eye care specialist immediately.