Super Clean Sweep

Beautiful weather is pulling more residents outside, but looking around many neighborhoods are scattered with litter.

Hoping to make Tallahassee shine, volunteers hit the streets for the annual "Super Clean Sweep."

Hundreds of volunteers hit the streets throughout Leon County. With garbage bags in hand, they're hoping to make Tallahassee shine a little brighter.

The Ochlocknee River is just one of the areas volunteers are cleaning up. Crews say they've picked up thousands of pounds of garbage.

Neil Fleckenstein, the planning coordinator at Tall Timbers Research Station, says, "We do a lot of public education because obviously we're right around the river, we're in a very flood prone area, and the Florida aquifer is right under here, so our drinking water comes from the same place people are throwing trash."

On the other side of town a group of students gave up their morning. It might be hard to tell, but the students did manage to cover graffiti under the Blair Stone overpass.

Kevin McCaskill, a senior at Godby High School, says, "To set an example for younger people coming up in the world. To show that nobody's too big to come out here and do the small and simple things."

DEP Lewis Milliken, the school resource officer at Cobb Middle School, says, "They see me every day at school, that's my job, but to come out on our time on the weekend and volunteer, I think it just provides a good example for our kids, and they can take that back."

DEP Milliken brought some of his students out to help with the cleanup. Volunteers hope after the students pick up after someone else it will make them think twice before littering.