Cold Case Team

Right now there are 15 unsolved murder cases in Gadsden County. So far the Sheriff's Office has solved three of those crimes, and more of those cold cases may get solved soon. A new team will work exclusively trying to solve them.

Leroy and his wife Florida Ann live in the Robertsville community just a few feet from where William Moses Wilson was found dead in his own backyard in December of 2003.

The case remained opened until deputies solved the crime last year, arresting a 15-year-old boy and his cousin, Donna Cannon, in connection with the crime.

Neighbors were relieved to see that deputies are digging deep to solve the crimes.

Florida Ann Walker says, “I love it and it's just good for them to solve a little more, you see, try to get away with it, they'll kill people and try to get away with it."

Sheriff Young promised during his campaign to turn up the heat on the cold cases, bringing closure to families.

Leroy Walker adds, "You know politicians, you say that name and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so you got one that says what he does and does what he means.”

And to live up to his promise Sheriff Young has enlisted a team of five retired law enforcement officials who will work exclusively on the cases.

MAJ Haire of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says, "They don't want any money; they're donating their time. The sheriff is going to do something about the expenses when they have expenses like gas and whatever working in the cases, but as far as pay, they're not requiring any."

Although it may be difficult, law enforcement officials are looking forward to the challenge.