FSU Students Raise Awareness About Organ Donation

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The bond between sisters Sharon Gass and Cynthia Bailey is unusually strong. They're about to celebrate the 10 year anniversary since Sharon received a much needed kidney from her older sister.

"I got really sick and I couldn't eat. I would be hungry, I would take a few bites and then I would be full. I was tired. My voice was even changed to where it wasn't as strong as it is," says Gass.

"I told her to add me to the list. I didn't even think about it. I just went for it. I told my husband I was donating a kidney," explains Bailey.

To address the thousands around the country on the waiting list to receive organs, a group of FSU students took part in a statewide campaign entitled 'Get Carded.'

The goal was to present people with the opportunity to become a donor by signing a donor card, along with a family pledge card, to let family members know of their decision.

"I had a family member that died in a car accident, and he needed a heart. I have a couple of family members who died of cancer, so it is really important. If you think about it, if it happened to me and I needed organs I would hope someone would give me some too," says FSU student Jeffery Nicholas.

The hope is that this program reminds us that we all have something valuable to offer. It's reported that each day about 74 people receive organ transplants. However, 18 people unfortunately die each day waiting for transplants.