Tax Day 2006

A little confusion, taxes to pay, there are more reasons than we have time to name on why people are turning in their tax returns with only hours left before the deadline strikes. But for some it comes down to tradition.

Rick Creamer said, "It's an American tradition, it's just something I could do earlier, but it's more fun to wait until the last day."

Last minute filers have the calendar to thank. The deadline was actually Saturday, but since it's a weekend procrastinators had a couple of extra days to procrastinate.

David Jones said, "Today's the last day, so don't want to get penalized."

Alfred Thurman added, "I guess we're just one of those types of people, just gotta meet the deadline."

The United Way kept busy helping with returns and clearing up a few questions at no charge for those who qualified.

Peggy Fudge said, "I thought that I could do it by myself and I ran into some complications, so I figured I'd just come and get assistance."

Peggy was among the more than 20 who were signed up by morning, with that number growing into the afternoon hours.

But with time ticking down the scramble is picking up pace. There are four Tallahassee area post offices making late collections up until midnight Monday: The main post office on Adams, Centerville station on Centerville Road, Lake Jackson station on Monroe and the Westside station on Pensacola Street.