Donating With Grace

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Their name is the same, their mission is the same; members of Grace Lutheran Churches all across the country are reaching out to a Grace Lutheran Church in New Orleans still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

Members from the Tallahassee church on Miccosukee Road gathered Monday night to load a truck with 150 pews. The chairs and a $50,000 check will be delivered Tuesday to help the congregation get back on its feet.

"A couple years ago we renovated and we had some pew chairs that we were using in other parts of the building, but thought Grace in New Orleans would need them more than us because they were basically devastated in terms of their seating, their pews, their furniture. They had seven feet of water in their sanctuary at one time, and so they are just now moving back into the building," said Pastor Rick Eckard.

Grace Lutheran Church in New Orleans had its first service Sunday for Easter, but had to borrow chairs from another church. They plan to hold services this coming Sunday with their newly donated chairs.