Georgia High School Students Facing New Restrictions

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For the last three years Jaime Thompson has sponsored Key Club at Thomas County Central High, but next school year the way he runs the organization will change.

Steven Dupree, Assistant Principal, says, "The idea is that every parent wants to be aware of what clubs, what activities their student takes place or is a part of."

Under the new law, students will need parent permission to join any school organization with the school providing information on the purpose of the club, meeting times, who sponsors the organization and the activities for the year.

Jaime Thompson, Key Club sponsor, says, "I could see where it'd be needed in some cases, you know, parents have the right in all situations when it comes to schools."

But some students disagree, saying they're old enough to make their own decisions when it comes to extra-curricular activities.

Whitney Anderson, a freshman Key Club member, says, "As high schoolers we are plenty old enough to decide for ourselves what clubs we become members of."

Thompson says he can handle the extra work that comes with the new law, but he worries it may affect club membership.

Jaime Thompson adds, "When kids have to bring back parental permission forms, they don't make their way back and you have to exclude them from the club."

Thompson says he will continue to sponsor Key Club and hopes students won't be deterred from joining school clubs.

The statewide parent permission form law goes into effect next school year. Until then, Thomas County Central High administrators say they're working on a plan to get all the information out to parents.