Tasing Kids

Child advocates are calling on Florida lawmakers to pass a bill that would prevent law enforcement officers from using tasers and other stun guns on kids.

Mary Lynn Cullen with the Advocacy Institute for Children says there hasn’t been a single study showing the guns are harmless to children, and she says there’s no excuse for shocking unruly kids.

Mary Lynn Cullen says, “Children act erratically. Children jump up and down, and there are ways of dealing with children, and it never, never, never is appropriate to use a taser on a child. I am almost speechless to find there aren’t lots of people around here that are concerned about this subject.”

But the taser ban could be derailed by politics.

The Senate version of the bill is sponsored by Gary Siplin of Orlando who was indicted last week on a felony charge of using state employees on his 2004 campaign.

Sen. Siplin has denied the charges, but his effectiveness during the last three weeks of the session is in serious doubt.