Fatal Tornado Hits Camilla

We are at what many here are now calling ground zero, an area where almost three years ago to the day, 19 people lost their lives to a devastating twister.

Mitchell County officials have in fact now confirmed four people are dead, two more in Worth County for a total of six.

More than 50 people remain hospitalized, all still wondering how an incident like this could happen again.

Many phone friends with the bad news, while others sit in shock, and clean up crews try to rummage through the debris.

"It sounded like a freight train...and it came in the same way as the first did, I can't believe what I see, I can't believe what I see,” says local resident Herman Thomas.

And shortly after 5 a.m. what dozens of residents saw was nothing but destroyed homes and garbled mess. Grady County EMS officials estimate the damage is in the millions.

Richard Atkinson has lived to see the light of day in both tornadoes without a scratch.

"It just seems like we are targets for tornadoes here and I am now thinking about moving,” Atkinson comments.

And John and his wife are lucky to be alive. Mitchell County officials are confirming four people are dead, dozens remain hospitalized.

Now residents must try to pick up the pieces. Clean up crews will continue to work around the clock to help get this Camilla community back to the way it was, but many say that will never happen.