FSU Students Hold Peace Rally

The rally started wet and rowdy as a thousand students stood in the rain to protest the war against Iraq.

Rahimi says she's worried about innocent civilians and what the war will do to America’s international image.

Students wrote their feelings on a huge poster. But the anti-war sentiment is far from unanimous. Things are pretty tense with a smaller group of war supporters who crashed the protest.

One young woman in a black tee shirt defaced the sign of a war supporter before police step in. Otherwise the protest was pretty orderly.

But both sides made their voices heard.

War protestors then headed by the hundreds to the capitol to give Jeb Bush a message, tell his brother to end the war. It's a message the governor didn't get. He was more than 200 miles away in Orlando.

FSU did not cancel classes for the protest, so it will now be up to individual professors whether to penalize students who left class.