Georgia Immigration Bill

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Felipe Ramos is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who now resides in the Grady County Jail, but under Georgia's new immigration law, he could be deported.

Felipe says, "If that's the law, then that's the law and I guess it's okay. I'm illegal."

When a person is arrested the law requires police to check their immigration status and whether or not they face deportation.

CAPT Tim Gainous of the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "I believe it's a step in the right direction. The governor is taking a hard stance on this issue. We don't want to burden our taxpayers unnecessarily. If they can't abide by the laws they gotta go."

The Grady County sheriff says he is happy to comply and is looking forward to having a better way of identifying illegal immigrants, but he will need more staff to get the job done.

Sheriff Harry Young says, "It's not gonna be as easy, as a lot of people think my staff would have to grow by about 10 to 12 deputies."

Gov. Perdue says the new laws are not anti-immigration. Georgia just wants their residents to abide by the state laws.

Georgia's new immigration law will go into effect in 2007.