Transportation Issues

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The Georgia Department of Transportation Board of Directors is rolling through the streets of Thomasville. They're here to see firsthand what improvements the city needs.

David Doss, DOT Board Chairman, says, "It's a good opportunity to see folks and look them in the eye and understand exactly what their needs are, and also the communication back to see just exactly where we are."

Assistant City Manager Lynn Williams says the downtown area is on the top of the list for transportation improvements.

Lynn Williams says, "We want to do some things on Madison Street, making crossings more friendly, slow the traffic down a little bit and improve the aesthetic look and feel of Madison Street."

The city is hoping to bridge the gap between downtown and Madison Street. The goal is to have Madison Street imitate Broad Street. Unfortunately, a plan on paper is much easier then a plan in action.

Doss adds, "Unfortunately, it boils down to dollars and cents,”

But there is hope for the City of Thomasville. Word is they've gotten some funding from the DOT and plan to begin the Madison Street project soon.

The DOT board will meet in Thomasville again Thursday to further discuss the city's transportation needs.