Longtime TCC Dean Retires

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A longtime dean of Tallahassee Community College is taking a bow.

Dr. Bertha Murray came to TCC back in 1976 and has served under all of the college's presidents. She started her teaching career back in the 60's in Alabama during segregation.

Murray says she has no regrets and offers advice to up and coming teachers.

"Teachers have to love what they are doing. They have to love students and love people. They have to love teaching. I think when you go into a classroom and you don't like what you are doing, students recognize that," says Murray.

"If you went to Bertha, she would lay out a plan for you to accomplish your goal, to get through that class or to do whatever. You had to do the work. If you came in there and tried to ‘bs’ her, that wasn't a good idea with Bertha," says T.K. Wetherell, former TCC president and current president of Florida State University.

Credited with spearheading TCC's Gadsden Initiative, Murray plans to continuing mentoring and maybe some substitute teaching.