Woman With Cerebral Palsy Scammed

A Tallahassee woman was swindled by two of the people she trusted most. The woman has cerebral palsy and she hopes her story will serve as a warning to others, both disabled and not, to keep close tabs on your bank account.

"It was hard for me to believe at first that it was really going on."

Eileen O'Brien was born with cerebral palsy. She's been in wheelchair all her life and counts on caregivers to get by, but this time they didn't just help, they helped themselves.

Eileen says, "I do online banking and you can click on the check for the image of the check that just went through. Not only did the amount not look right, but Icould see my signature, I could see the signature on the check was not my signature."

Tallahassee police arrested both of O'Brien's caregivers, Rogers Jackson and Jennifer Dale, and accused them of stealing and cashing O'Brien's checks to the tune of more than $1,200 in a month.

Anne-Marie Johnson with TPD Financial Crimes says, "All of the charges are felonies. They are charged with exploiting the elderly, which is a felony, and grand theft."

O'Brien found her caregivers through a want ad, never again she says, and she's just glad she discovered their scam when she did.

Eileen adds, "Sometimes when you've learned to trust somebody in your house you don't want to believe what's happening, but you just really have to keep your eyes open and trust your instincts."

Jackson and Dale are both are out on bond while Ms. O'Brien tries to repair her finances.