Free Shredding to Avoid ID Theft

Identity thieves can begin their trail of dirty deeds by simply going through your curbside trash.

Sheriff's deputies and police in Tallahassee worked nearly 1,000 cases of identity theft last year, and so Crime Stoppers has teamed up with "Shred It" to encourage folks to clean out file cabinets and boxes and bring old personal and financial records to a free "shredding" party next weekend.

Allen Stucks with Big Bend Crime Stoppers says, "We are trying to reach out to all those people who have been procrastinating for years, they say 'I'm going to throw this away, I'm going to throw this away,' but they're scared to throw it away because there's personal information on there that could get in the hands of the wrong people, and then they've got bigger problems."

Shred It Day is free. It'll be at the Super Wal-Mart on Thomasville Road next Saturday the 29th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. You don't have to worry about taking out staples or paper clips, but shredders ask that you limit it to a shopping cart's worth of paper.

And guess what they do with all of it; it's recycled into toilet paper.