"Scrap the Cap"

A rally is fighting for full funding for Florida's housing programs.

Karla Lucas' daughter wants to move out and buy her own home.

Karla says, "We were talking yesterday and she was asking me, 'mom, will they even allow me to buy a house if I'm just doing restaurant work or waiting tables or not making big money? But I would still like to own a house.'"

The 1,500 realtors rallying at the Florida Capitol Wednesday say the answer is no.

Bob Oxnard, a realtor in Ft. Myers, says, "We're not talking about poor people. We're talking about working people, teachers and nurses that can't afford a home in Florida anymore because the median home price is now $250,000."

Florida realtors are urging legislators to repeal spending limits on the state's housing trust funds, known as the Sadowki Affordable Housing Act.

More than $940 million is available in the trust funds, but spending is capped at $243 million.

Kenny Ayers, President of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, says, "They have caps put on it that's holding back the funds from the people that need the money available to them."

Many at the rally wore hats that say "Scrap the Cap." They say if caps are continued to be placed on affordable housing funding, the dream of owning a home will be out of reach for many Floridians.

Mark Trafton with the Tallahassee Board of Realtors says, "We have teachers, firefighters, police officers, the first line defenders in our communities that are unable to live in the communities they serve."

Rally participants say this would change if lawmakers would just the Sadowski Act money helps fund state and local housing programs.