Students Refuse to Leave Until Demands Are Met

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush plans to publicly apologize to the family of Martin Lee Anderson Thursday afternoon.

The word comes as dozens of university students camp outside Gov. Jeb Bush's office. They are protesting what they call a lack of action in the 105 days since the death of 14-year-old Martin Anderson after a brief stint at a juvenile boot camp.

Thirty Tallahassee college students are coming to the Capitol hoping to personally deliver a list of demands to Gov. Bush. Among them is the release of the second autopsy of Martin Lee Anderson and immediate action in the case of his death.

The students got their meeting but they say not much else.

"The governor said a lot of these things are out of his capacity but I know this governor has had the ability over the years to use his bully pulpit to create leverage and influence those who are the decision makers,” says FAMU student body President Alexander Ramon.

The students plan to stay in the Capitol until the governor does just that.

"We're doing everything we can to make sure justice prevails here and I think that's what these students if their there to bring their grievances should ask for and that’s what they are going to get,” Gov. Bush explains.

Florida senators say he plans to meet with the Anderson family when they visit Tallahassee this week.

"The governor is going to make a public apology to them and reassure them that when the autopsy is complete, and attorney Ober has the report that they are gonna move as swiftly with whatever the consequences are,” adds Sen. Anthony Hill.

Not fast enough for these students protesting outside the Capitol, and the 30 setting up shop inside.