Leon County Reacts to Dispatch Report

A Leon County Commissioner gave his thoughts on the findings of a new report on the FIRE/EMS dispatch system.

The way the system works now is the city dispatches fire from the Tallahassee Police Department and the county dispatches EMS from the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

A consultant team hired by the City of Tallahassee and Leon County says that needs to change. There were no major disasters found in the separate systems. However, the team says when calls have to be transferred, valuable seconds pass by.

It recommended a single, independent dispatch center to city commissioners Wednesday night. They unanimously adopted the report.

The county will hear the team's recommendations next week.

Ed Depuy with the Leon County Commission says, “I can't answer to what the commissioners will vote for, but I hope they accept the report and tell us to continue to work to get this one neutral dispatch center."

Depuy was appointed by the board to work with the city on this issue.