Railroad Crossing Crackdown

A sting in Tallahassee this week targets drivers who can't seem to wait for the train to go by.

Leon County deputies are staking out railroad crossings and ticketing those who don't heed the flashing lights, ringing bells and lowering arms.

The railroad crossing is at the corner of Eisenhower and Plant, and those who work nearby, say you'd be surprised how many motorists take on the train.

Derick Crum says, "Some of the railroad arms have come down on the hoods of cars before, we've seen 'em breaking off of cars, we've actually seen people jogging, running across the railroad tracks when the flashing lights come on."

While we were there a blue SUV couldn't wait for the warning lights to stop flashing before dashing across the tracks. It'll cost him $120, as deputies happened to be staking out the crossing as part of Operation Lifesaver.

SGT David Frimmel with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "A lot of people will run these intersections because they're in a big hurry. When the gates go down they'll actually have a passenger go out and lift up the gate and then they'll go around the gates because there's a big enough opening. It's a very dangerous thing."

There are approximately 100 train vs. car collisions in Florida every year, and fair to say the train usually wins.

Operation Lifesaver is not just in Leon County, but throughout the state of Florida.