Student Sit-In Ends at the Request of Martin Lee Anderson's Parents

Their meeting comes as the investigation into the teenager's death stretches into its third month.

Martin Lee Anderson's mother, father and family attorney were ushered in to see the governor at about 4:30 in the afternoon. Now that meeting comes in the midst of a sit-in with students camped outside the governor's office demanding answers and arrests in the case.

The governor did come out to address the students Thursday, saying there’s only so much he can do while he awaits the results of the investigation like everyone else.

But the prosecutor says he is moving as fast as he can. Twenty four hours after their protest began, their eyes told the story of a long night on a hard floor with little sleep.

Tara Stambeck, a FAMU student, said, “Last night was long, but we did a lot of bonding as a group. We enjoyed ourselves as well as stayed focused on the real reason that we’re here, which is Mr. Martin Lee Anderson.”

The30 college students begin every hour of their protest by reading a list of demands and noting the lack of justice for Martin Lee Anderson’s family.

Monique Gillium said, “Today, April 20th, 2006 marks the 105th day since 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson was brutally murdered.”

There were donuts in the hallway. A state fire marshal stood watch to make sure the students didn’t block access to the governor’s office. When an elementary class from west Florida came by, protest leader Ramon Alexander gave them a civics lesson.

The students spent Wednesday night in the hallway underneath the pictures of former governors. Special prosecutor Mark Ober says the 106-day lag is a misnomer because he, the sheriff and the medical examiner all came late to the case.

Mark Ober said, “We have been set back by those events to some degree.”

Several thousand people are expected to continue the protest at the Capitol Friday morning.

Gov. Bush wants the special prosecutor to also investigate reports that the Bay County state attorney deleted two months worth of e-mails about the Anderson case, e-mails that were public record and should not have been erased.

The student sit-in outside Gov. Jeb Bush's office has ended at the request of Martin Lee Anderson's parents. Following a meeting with the governor that lasted about an hour and 10 minutes, Anderson's parents urged the students to end the sit-in and instead focus their energy on Friday's big rally in Tallahassee which will be lead by Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Anderson's parents went on to say that they will continue to press on and seek out justice for their son. There’s no word yet on exactly what was said in their meeting with the governor.