Farmers Hope for Rainy Days

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Scott Peeples is planting cotton even though conditions are less than ideal.

"It needs a little more moisture out here. It's pretty dry."

And that may be an understatement. Much of south Georgia and north Florida have been under drought-like conditions for several weeks, and that dry spell is not good for planting cotton.

Scott Peeples says, "You need to lay the seed, the seed bed needs good moisture so the seed will sprout and pin down, and then you need some moisture on top so it will push through and come out of the ground."

Even though cotton farmers are only planting their fields now, they say the drought-like conditions are already having an economic impact on this year's crop.

Josh Herring, President of the Boston Gin Company, says, "The price is really based on what we call a weather market, and that is if we get rains and production goes up, you can probably look for prices to go down. But if we continue to go through this drought throughout the cotton belt, there's a good chance we'll see cotton go up."

But relief may be on the way. Rain is in the forecast for this coming weekend, and cotton farmers like Scott Peeples say few inches over the next few days would be a good start to ending the dry spell.