"Mothers in Crisis" Celebrates 15 Years

Rosalind Tompkins knows the battle against addiction is a lonely road traveled. It was 15 years ago in her living room during an addiction support group session that her life changed.

Rosalind says, "At the time I had four years clean myself, so I figured as a social worker we needed a place we could come to and pretty much help ourselves."

And that's where the concept of "Mothers in Crisis" was born. For the last 15 years women who thought they'd lost all hope found it again under the wing of Tompkins.

Nettie Palmore came to the program 13 years ago after unsuccessful tries with other addiction programs.

Nettie shares, "I just wasn't able to get it together and I was able to come to this program, and just the love and support we have…"

Palmore has been clean for 13 years, and now she's using her own story to inspire other women.

Nettie adds, "When they tell me, ‘I was on the streets,’ or ‘I did anything to get my drugs,’ or they'll tell me ‘my husband is abusing me,’ I can tell them, ‘look, I can relate.’"

Fifteen years later, Mothers in Crisis celebrated the success stories of so many women that Tompkin's says she's lost count at about 1,000.

Tompkins adds, "As long as there's breath in your body, there's hope."

Because the Mothers in Crisis program has been so successful in Tallahassee, Tompkins is hoping to expand to some of the surrounding counties.