Local Boston Marathon Runner Returns Home

Recently stepping off an airplane, one local runner is still walking on clouds after high stepping it in the big race.

Suwannee County resident Michelle McCollum has just fulfilled one of her biggest dreams, running and completing the Boston Marathon.

Michelle McCullum, a marathon runner, says, "It was an experience. Boston and the crowd, it was like the Super Bowl. There's people from mile one right on to mile 26.2. They were cheering you, doing the wave, throwing things, having signs. It was a really great experience for me."

McCollum was born with an immune deficiency. Because her lungs were too scarred, doctors told her parents not to expect her to ever be physically active.

Sandra Haas, McCollum's mother, says, "At age eight she began to prove them wrong and she hasn't looked back. She's an amazing woman. She runs six to eight miles a day, sometimes 20."

McCollum's mother, along with her husband and two kids, were in Boston to cheer her on.

Days later McCollum is still overwhelmed with joy, but her first feeling after crossing the finish line.

Michelle says, "I felt horrible. Those hills really took it out of me. It was amazing to finish and to cross that line and the whole Boston marathon experience that you've done it, you've completed it is great, but my body was just screaming."

McCollum says her life's goal is to be the oldest woman to run the Boston marathon. Michelle McCollum finished the Boston Marathon in three hours and 37 minutes.