Tallahassee Man Arrested for Trafficking Cocaine

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Tallahassee law enforcement is trying to get drugs off the street, and arrest a man for trafficking cocaine.

Officers arrested 24-year-old Adrian Brownlee Friday morning after undercover agents purchased more than $6,000 worth of cocaine at the Wendy's parking lot at Pensacola and Appleyard Drive.

Officers say this isn't the first time dealing with Brownlee. Back in January, he sold $25,000 worth of cocaine to undercover agents.

"When we get those tips we try to react as best we can to try to insert undercover operatives or informants into those organizations so we can make purchases and locate large amounts of drugs so we can make seizures and take those drugs off the street and hopefully in turn put people in jail that are out there selling narcotics," said DET Grady Jordan with the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

Brownlee is charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine and one count of violating probation for carrying a concealed weapon.