Putting sports before their disability, hundreds of children and adults come out every year for the annual Sportsability.

A little rain couldn't scare these outdoor enthusiasts away. They just moved the fun inside until the skies over Tallahassee cleared up and a beautiful day was born.

David Jones, the president of Florida Disabled Outdoors Association, says, "It's not just a few minutes of fun and smiles and laughter, but it's very meaningful because many times it inspires and motivates people to continue on and address the battle of day to day living, to get out and enjoy life."

It's the fifteenth year for Sportsability, an event put on by the Florida DisabledOoutdoors Association.

Saturday, persons with disabilities, family and friends were invited to Florida State University's reservation to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer.

Jones adds, "Activity and physical activity is very important for our health and well being. It's difficult to get people who are able bodied out participating in enough physical recreation activity, and it's even tougher for people with disabilities."
Bobbie Warren is just one volunteer out to help with the days activities.

She says, "It just gives us an opportunity to look at people who really enjoy life no matter what. They're smiling, they're having fun; it makes us all humble and appreciate everything that we have. These folks are just like us."

And as they ski around the lake or ride off into the sunset these persons with disabilities prove they are just like everyone else.

The fun's not over for the Sportsability. Monday night there will be a dinner at 6:30 at the Silver Slipper.