Twister Takes Crawfordville by Surprise

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"When we walked outside of the shop, we started running and we seen it come down in the front yard, and that's when the trees started falling," said Bill Stephens about what happened right before he spotted a tornado Saturday evening.

Stephens, his son and friend were working in the back shed at his home in Crawfordville when they saw the tornado coming their way.

"You couldn't even, you couldn't hear nothing but a big noise, big like a freight train, so to speak," explained Stephens.

The twister missed Stephens’ house and family, but ripped through his yard, pulling up trees from their roots and shredding trees along Lonnie Raker Road.

Several other Crawfordville residents were able to actually watch the tornado develop.

"The clouds were twirling a little at a time. You could just watch them twist, and we pretty much stood there and watched it form," Cyndi Dotson said.

Video was taken by Wakulla County DEP Don Newsome as he followed its progress through the town.

"Luckily, we don't have a lot of damage. The tornado, there were three spotted tornados, but we don't have a lot of damage," explained CAPT Steven Ganey of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

And now Crawfordville residents are assessing property damage and cleaning up the mess the twister left behind. The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says they're now helping to restore electricity to residents who lost power.