AdSurfDaily CEO Working to Resolve Issues

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The CEO of an Internet advertising company is telling his members to keep the faith. The company, AdSurfDaily, was raided by secret service agents less than a week ago. The Florida Attorney General accused ASD of running a pyramid scheme and paying off older investors with new investor's money.

Now the CEO of ASD, Andy Bowdoin, is informing his members that he is doing everything he can to resolve the current situation. A number available on the ASD website directs its members to a voice recording of Bowdoin addressing members about the confict facing the company. In part of the message, Bowdoin said, "We have some of the best legal minds in the nation working to resolve our issue just as soon as possible, so that we can return to normal operation."

The Attorney General says ASD was brought to their attention following more than thirty complaints made by members who were unhappy with ASD's service.

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