On Demand Jet Service Launched in Florida

It's small, only three seats, but Dayjet says what this jet lacks in size it's making up for in convenience.

The concept is "per seat, on demand."

Ed and Nancy Iacobucci, President and CEO of Dayjet, explain, "When you buy the ticket you're also negotiating what time you want to do it, so it's on demand, your schedule."

The on demand service is targeting the business traveler and is slated to take off by the end of the year.

Iacobucci adds, “What we're after specifically is the markets that don't have any alternative. Most of the people in the markets we're going in wind up driving, so this is a great time saver and we think there's a value proposition here."

Gov. Bush called the announcement a celebration of collaboration with the new high wage jobs it's bringing.

Dayjet is planning on hiring 70 people in Tallahassee and more than 500 statewide within its first year.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, “We've tried to create an heaven entrepreneurial on earth here in Florida, let the dreamers come and let them work their magic, let people who have big ideas an can garner capital, turn these into reality."

Economic development leaders are also celebrating. For each of Dayjet's "dayport" cities, the company is projecting up to a $25 million economic impact in the first three years. At least 20 ports are planned in the southeast during the first year of the launch.

John Marks, Tallahassee Mayor, says, “We welcome this opportunity, we welcome this initiative, and we're looking forward to doing a lot more like this in Tallahassee."

So how much is an on demand seat going to cost? It's really going to depend on how flexible you are. Dayjet says the seats will range between one and three dollars per mile.

Florida will be the first to take flight with Dayjet. The rest of the southeastern states will follow.

Tallahassee will also be serving as the VLJ center of excellence. VLJ stands for Very Light Jet. The center will serve as the educational hub for VLJ on demand services.