Florida Democrats Sue Over FCAT Graders

Democrats in the Florida Senate say yes and are now suing the state Department of Education to find out. They are accusing DOE of violating the public records law.

Sen. Skip Campbell of Tamarac, who is running for attorney general, says Democrats decided to file the lawsuit because DOE bureaucrats will not release the names of the temporary workers who grade the FCAT exam.

Sen. Skip Campbell says, “I’m terribly concerned that the state of Florida has no idea, no concept as to the qualifications of the people who are grading the test. Now if I got the information, I might come back to you and say, ‘you know what? I found out these people are PhDs, all educators. They have multiple degrees.’ But I kinda doubt it.”

Gov. Jeb Bush adds, “These are the same people that don’t like the FCAT. They want to undermine the FCAT rather than celebrate the success we’ve had and try to create doubt.”

The lawsuit was filed against state Education Commissioner John Winn and McGraw Hill. The company that has an $86 million contract to administer the FCAT.