New Speed Limit Aims to Reduce Accidents

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Out with the old and in with the new; red flags mark the new speed limit along Highway 84 in Boston.

Local motorists say the change is long overdue.

Ross Graham, a Georgia motorist, said, "I think it's good. We've had a lot of accidents down at the caution light, and I think it's good to drop the speed."

Angela Martinez added, "You have more of chance to see what's going on around you and people need to slow down period, I think."

The stretch of highway carries a bad reputation after a string of accidents. Pressure from Boston residents, the city council and police led to a Georgia DOT study of the area. Their conclusion was to reduce speed from 65 to 55.

Chuck Weaver, Boston Police Chief and City Manager, said, "We've had quite a few accidents at the intersection, especially at the caution light, and we've had a couple fatalities in the last few years and serious life threatening injuries in other accidents."

And though some motorists want to see more, Edward Christian says, "In the town of Boston, they're just going to have to put a traffic light up there because you know a speed zone is still not going to stop it."

Most say it's a big step towards a safer roadway.

Angela Martinez said, "I think it's excellent. I think more people should do 55."

Boston police say they'll give out warnings at first before strictly enforcing the new limit. The new speed limit will only apply to the stretch of Highway 84 that runs through Boston.