Wildfire Dangers in Florida

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High temperatures and little or no rain is causing concern throughout the state of Florida.

Commissioner Charles Bronson said these are perfect conditions for wildfires.

"Even though we had an inch and a half of rain here around Leon County, Madison County and some of the surrounding areas this weekend, in five to seven days it could be as if we didn't get that rain at all,” he said.

Since January in the north Florida area, Bronson said there have been 57 wild fires on more than 500 acres, and many of these wildfires are started by people.

Ira Jolly, Chief of Forest Protection Bureau, explained, "It's about prevention. People need to be careful and before they burn call the local Division of Forestry to get some information."

Forestry officers said foliage should be kept at least 30 feet away from a home. People should always report any wildfires they spot and never throw any lit cigarettes out the window.

Charles Bronson added, "If you're throwing a lit cigarette or match out the window or you start a fire that turns into a forest fire, you will be charged with the fire."

Bronson said the cost of fighting the fire could also fall on the offender. Being careful is easy and it could prevent wildfires.

Forestry officers say before burning people should call their local Division of Forestry for burn conditions and check to see if a permit is necessary.