The Gift of Life

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92,028 is the number of people on the waiting list to get a lifesaving organ transplant. Eight years ago Bill Kimbrough found himself on that extremely long list.

Bill Kimbrough said, "They gave me a beeper to wear and they said that when the organs became available, they would call me."

Kimbrough wore that pager for nearly two years. He eventually became so sick that his doctors admitted him into the hospital where he would stay until the organs became available.

Kimbrough needed a heart and a kidney, and both organs had to come from the same donor. Doctors could not estimate how long Kimbrough would wait.

Kimbrough said, "If you only needed a heart transplant there's about a 25 percent chance that you will get your organ and be okay. However, because you need a heart and a kidney out of the same person, the statistics aren't there. We have no idea what it will take to keep you from dying."

Then one day Kimbrough's beeper sounded, giving him the gift of life and his family hope. On March 8, 1998 Kimbrough received a double organ transplant.

Kimbrough said, "There's nothing better that you can do, than be an organ donor."

Now Kimbrough tells his story, hoping to encourage people to become organ donors.

Becoming an organ donor is as simple as letting the folks at the driver's services know that that's your desire. Then they'll make an official record of it on your driver's license.

Kimbrough added, "We need to send souls to heaven and keep organs here on earth."