FAMU Interim President Wishes Pay Increases Could Have Come Earlier

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During an emergency Board of Trustees meeting Monday, trustee members unanimously approved a two percent pay raise for all full-time, regular employees.

"Everyone is happy to receive some kind of recognition of their efforts and receive the monies at this time, especially with this economy, so we are looking forward to further negotiations and getting a better rate later on. The two percent is welcomed at this time," said Bernadette Kelley, an instructor with FAMU's College of Education.

This raise will be added to the 3.6 percent salary increase for state employees, approved by the Legislature last year.

Interim President Castell Bryant said she regrets the university was unable to give the raises earlier in the year, as did others universities across the state.

"It is regretful that we have just reached the point that we could add to the monies given by the Legislature. But I'm glad that we were able to do that, even at this point," said Bryant.

"I think that given the limited resources, the president has made a great move to show her appreciation for the hard work that we are doing on this campus. I think this is an excellent step forward," added Mary Diallo, FAMU's Faculty Senate President.

The raise will go to more than 1,600 FAMU employees.

Bryant said the university is getting the paperwork in order so that the raise will be reflected in the May 12 paychecks.