FSU and City of Tallahassee Officials Discuss Future of Gaines Street

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Florida State University and City of Tallahassee officials met to discuss the ever growing Gaines Street. The meeting was held at FSU's Master Craftsman Program Building at Gaines and Woodward Avenue.

The building is currently in need of upgrades, but permitting has become a problem.

Right now the building is not a part of FSU's master plan, but of the city's plan. Therefore, any projects are subject to city building inspectors.

"The building inspectors have a calendar of inspections, and it's only fair that we might not get in front of the other clients that they are inspecting. So it may be two weeks before they get down and make a second or third inspection. You could see how that would be awkward with the class situation," said Bob Bischoff, Director of the FSU Master Craftsman Program.

Some feel if the building becomes a part of FSU's master plan, permitting can move quicker. The program moved into the new facility shortly after the last FSU master plan was approved in January of 2005.