Cold Case Team Just Warming Up

A newly formed cold case team is now on the job. It's warming up more than a dozen cold cases. The law enforcement personnel are retired, but far from being off the job.

Recruited by Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young, their sole mission right now is to crack cold cases.

Jan Baldwin, a former civil deputy for the Leon County Sheriff's Office, said, "We're very privileged and excited to be a part of this team. It's a new concept for Gadsden county. We are very, very proud of our sheriff and his willingness to be so open minded and open up a cold case unit."

Tuesday, the new team made up of five retired law enforcement officers and private investigators started working on the county's 14 cold cases, the oldest from 1973.

Sheriff Morris Young of Gadsden County said, "Mr. Buddy McCollough and his grandson, that's one case a lot of citizens show interest in. We know it's an old case and it's going to be tough to solve. Some of the witnesses have probably died off or moved away and maybe some of the suspects are dead or moved away."

Here is a list of all 14 cases, 15 victims. Freeing up the department's regular staff for daily cases, the cold case unit is dedicated only to these files.

Jan Baldwin added, "To give families closure, to feel like they're not forgotten, especially when children are involved, that they're not forgotten and that their loved ones are not forgotten."

Sheriff Young says they will do everything they can to solve these cases. The cold case team members are John W. Franklin, Wilford Jiles, James L. Kenon, and Don and Jan Baldwin.