Southside Manhunt

A manhunt on Tallahassee's south side Tuesday morning ended as police dogs closed in on a fleeing felon.

Witnesses say the man darted into the woods off Orange Avenue with a meat cleaver in one hand and a butcher knife in the other.

Twenty-eight-year-old Steven Moore kept police at bay for more than an hour hiding in the woods off Orange Avenue, but dogs picked up his scent and cornered him behind a house on Tyson Road.

SGT Bill Hurlbut, a Tallahassee police officer with the K-9 Unit, said, "So he finally comes out to our shouts, carrying the phone, and he will not drop the phone. He says, ‘I'm talking to 9-1-1 and I said I don't care if you're talking to God, drop the phone,’ and he didn't drop the phone until the deputy put the red dot of the taser, and then he said, 'oh don't shoot me with that' and he drops the phone."

Our cameras were the only ones there as Moore was led out of the woods and into a waiting cop car. Police say it all started at the Orange Park trailer park when Moore tried to clock his pregnant girlfriend, and Rickie McNealy stepped in to try to stop it.

Rickie McNealy said, "I seen him when he drew his hand back and got ready to hit, so that's when I went in and said, ‘don't hit the woman.’ So next thing I know, what you gotta do with it? Me and him went to arguing and he jumped into the kitchen then and grabbed a meat clever and a knife and chased me around the back."

The thought of Moore on the run with a meat cleaver and a butcher knife brought dozens of police officers and deputies to the scene, and now the convicted robber who recently spent four years in prison could soon be going back.

Moore faces charges for domestic battery on a pregnant woman, aggravated assault and violating his probation. The good news in all of this is that no one was hurt.