ASD Teleconference

Bob Gunther and attorney Larry Friedman with the law firm Friedman and Feiger out of Dallas, Texas held a teleconference with AdSurfDaily members Wednesday night.

The firm has taken on representing the members of ASD against the U.S. and state Attorney's General. This comes about after ASD was raided by the secret service.

Friedman said there is a fund set up at a bank in Dallas to help the members fight the government.

Friedman said the firm is accumulating evidence from ASD members, including the amount of money they invested, the amount of money they believe they've earned, and any checks that they may have sent in that have not yet been cashed.

Friedman said his law firm needs information from ASD owner Andy Bowdoin to help move the members' case forward.

Friedman said the "main crunch" to this effort is to make sure the money gets back to the members. The feds seized 53 millions dollars when they raided the Internet company last week, but Friedman told those listening in on the teleconference that the money appears to still be in a Bank of America account, with oversight from the government, rather than in the U.S. treasury as some had suspected.

Friedman said that he would not be talking strategy for the case on an "open line like this," but he did thank those listening, saying ASD members have been helpful, responsive and supportive.

So far, Friedman said $30,000 has been collected for the case, but he also said that donations are still being accepted.

Gunther finished the call by saying that Friedman and Feiger got involved in the case because it wants to try to protect ASD members instead of having them wait for Bowdoin and his attorney's to do something.

Another conference call is scheduled for Saturday, although a time and number were not given out tonight.

Friedman gave out the firm's website and his email address for anyone who wants or needs to contact him.

You can contact Friedman at
You can also visit the link below.

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