Tallahassee Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges

A Tallahassee man is facing accusations that he used pit bulls to fight and may have used other dogs as bait.

Witnesses told police they believe the man even stole some of the dogs for the sole purpose of fighting. It all happened at a Dover Street home where Tallahassee police found four dogs, weighing about 40 pounds, with 50 pound chains wrapped around their necks.

Veterinarians say the dogs were in bad shape, wounded and malnourished. A witness report states hundreds of dollars were bet on fights between the animals.

OFC John Newland with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "This isn't the dog's fault. This is the owner's fault. The owners are training these dogs to fight, but the ultimate thing with the dogs is the dog will probably end up destroyed because it doesn't have much of a chance of getting back to the way it was."

Twenty-two-year-old Jermichael Lindsey is charged with two counts of fighting or baiting animals and two counts of cruelty to animals. He's since bonded out of the Leon County Jail.