New Investigation for Bay County Medical Examiner

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A special prosecutor is already investigating the death of Martin Lee Anderson, the 14-year-old who died at the Bay County Boot Camp.

At the center of that investigation are the findings of medical examiner Dr. Charles Siebert.

Gov. Jeb Bush said, "What I saw, the autopsy, it would be very hard for me to suggest that that was sickle cell trait."

Now, Florida Attorney General Charlie Christ is turning up the heat on the doctor. In a letter to the state medical examiner’s commission, Crist called for an investigation of three other questionable autopsy reports.

Joann Carrin, spokesperson for the attorney general's office, said, "In one case the individual was a female, and the report indicated that she was a male. In another incident it indicated in that the individual had no scars, and this individual allegedly had a very prominent scar, and the third case the autopsy report identified it as a suicide cause of death where the Sheriff's Department had indicated it was accidental."

Attorney General Crist submitted his request last Friday, and a spokesperson from his office say's the commission has agreed to look at the cases.

Benjamin Crump, the family attorney, said, "At what point do we ask the state of Florida to say hold on, we got to make the right wrong, and I think Attorney General Crist has taken a step in that direction saying we want to right all wrongs."

In response to a request from the Miami Herald, Dr. Siebert calls Crist's investigation a witch hunt, and says it's obvious the attorney general is being pressured.

This is the second time in a week that pressure in this case has come from the state Capitol. Last week Gov. Bush asked state attorney Mark Ober to speed up his investigation.