Bill Montford Retiring?

Colleagues of Bill Montford say he's a workaholic. After three terms as superintendent he has yet to take a vacation. These strong work principles could lead to his resignation.

Bill Montford has accomplished so much during his three terms as superintendent of Leon County schools, but a recent medical problem could cause him to step down.

Bill Montford said, "I had a recent check-up and so my health right now is somewhat questionable, so I've got to make some substantial changes in my life, which means I need to get out from under a little stress."

Superintendent Montford said he needs a less stressful job and he's got one in mind: head of Florida Association of District School Superintendents.

Montford added, "I have been offered the other job, it's just a matter of our being able to work out the details of the contract, and that's quite complex. There's a lot of issues to be resolved."

Dee Crumpler, a Leon County school board member, said, "We're saddened in one sense, but on another side of the coin we're excited about the opportunity that Bill might have."

Maggie Lewis, co-chair on the Leon County school board, added, "He's a great legacy for the district. However, I know health is always important and first."

Colleagues say this hard working attitude will make an easier transition if the superintendent does resign. Superintendent Montford says he will have a decision in the next couple of weeks.