Davis Murder Still Unsolved

It's been six months since a Tallahassee Parks and Rec employee was found shot to death in his home, and there are still no arrests. In fact, Tallahassee police say they're no closer to solving the murder today than they were then.

Sylvester Davis was uncharacteristically late for work that day, and when co-workers went to check on him they spied his body through the window. He'd been shot to death.

Six months later there is no arrest, no motive and no significant leads.

Helen Gainous, Davis' mother, said, "I'm just trying to hang in there, keep myself busy, knowing that the person who did it will be caught eventually."

Davis' mother is still confident that her son's murder will be solved. Tallahassee police are too, but investigators admit clues have been few and far between.

John Newland, Tallahassee Police Department spokesman, said, "We're still looking for that one lead we need, that one initial call to investigators or Crime Stoppers that'll break the case open. We feel like we will be able to solve it once we get a good solid lead."

From day one police have been tight lipped about what they found at the scene that day, what the motive may have been, and they won't say whether Davis' killer was a stranger or a friend.

The Rickards and FAMU grad was a kid favorite at the Dade Street Community Center where he worked. Thursday would have been his 34th birthday and friends are planning a flag football tournament this weekend in his honor.

Helen Gainous, Sylvester Davis' mother, said, "It gave me joy. It showed me people still remember how good he was and what he lived for."

A flag football tournament will raise scholarship money for high school students who want to go on to community college but can't afford it. It begins Saturday at 9 a.m. at Rickards High.

If you have that one clue that could help police solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at 891-HELP.